1951-1970 Chevy
1964-1972 Camaro
1964-1974 Nova
1953-1962 Corvette
1964-1969 GTO Tempest
1964-1969 Lemans
1967-1969 Firebird
1964-1973 Mustang
1967-1969 Cougar
1967-1972 Comet
  1967-1972 Cyclone
  1965-1972 Charger
  1965-1972 Coronet
  1965-1972 Super Bee
  1962-1965 Dart Demon
  1964-1972 Cutlass 442
  1964-1973 Gran Sport
  1964-1963 Regsl Apollo

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your brakes squeal?

   No.  Squealing is caused by a vibration caused by worn out caliper bushings or out or round rotors.


Does the direction of the slots on the rotors matter?

    Yes.  If you face the slots in the opposite rotation, the rotors go against the grain of the pad, accelerating the wear of the pad.


Can your rotors be turned.

   Yes.  A drilled rotor cannot be turned.


What is a non-directional turn of the rotor mean?

   A smooth, non-directional rotor finish is essential in order to have semi-metallic disc pads perform properly.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

   We have a 60 day UNCONDITIONAL gurantee against workmanship defect.


How are your brakes different?

   We use the highest grade of materials.  We exceed the OEM specifications by using a much higher technologically advanced material.


Will your product last longer?

   Everything is relevant to your driving conditions; for example:  2 or 4 wheel drive, mountainous or flatlands, or if you tow.  Based on all four wheels using Muscle Car Brakes' product, yes, the wear should be equal to if not better than OEM, while giving a much increased overall braking performance.


How does your trick spring kit differ from the standard stock spring?

   The stock spring kit is 13 lbs. tensil strength per square inch.  Our trick spring kit is 31 lbs. tensil strength per square inch.  The heavier the tensil strength eliminates the shoe from dragging on the drum when the brake pedal is released.


Is your product difficult to install?

   Absolutely not.  Everything we make is a direct replacement.  You do not need to modify, cut, or grind anything.  Complete instructions are included with your order.


What is the benefit of cryogenically treated rotors, drums, pads, & shoes?

   Cryogenically treating the material makes the material more dense than stock material, creating as much as 40% dissipation of heat, therefore increasing the performance and extending the wear performance.  You can read more about cryogenics on this website.


What kind of brake improvement can I expect?

   Based on all four wheels equipped with Muscle Car Brakes' material, there is a 25% to 30% improvement in the overall braking performance.



Why are your slotted rotors better than cross drilled or stock?

   If you have an existing brake problem and you replace the stock rotor with a cross drilled rotor, you are taking 28% of the surface contact away.  In turn, you are making the pad work doubly hard; the end result in fractured and warped rotors.  In addition, drilled rotors cannot be turned; a stock or slotted rotor can be turned.


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